EE241 Digital Design


Catalog description

EE-241. Digital Design
Credits: 3
The electronics of digital devices, including Bipolar TTL and CMOS, digital logic functions (e.g., AND, OR, INVERT), Boolean algebra, combinational logic, minimization techniques, digital storage devices, synchronous sequential design, state machines, programmable logic. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab per week.

Syllabus and Laboratory Exercises

Most recent offering: Spring 2016
  • 2017 Syllabus, Labs 1-5
  • Lab 6 Timing Analysis
  • Lab 7 PAL/EPROM
  • Lab 8 Sequential
  • Lab 9 Datapath
  • Remarks

    This course is normally offered in the spring semester, and is normally taken by EE students in their 4th semester. Such students will come in with some familiarity with digital devices from EE 283 Electrical Measurement Lab, in which simple digital circuits are built using solderless breadboards and small and medium scale integrated circuits. However, anyone who has a bit of background and a willingness to dive in and learn can take this course. It is intended to be accessible, for example, to students in Math or Computer Science, who typically have a better background in theory concerning numbers and logic, but who come in with less hands-on experience.

    This page will be used as the online repository for course materials fopr the 2017 offering. The syllabus has been updated. The Lab 6-9 documents have not yet been updated from 2106. Lab 9 will change substantially; we will be using FPGA's programmed using the Quartus II IDE, using Verilog and schematic capture. Soon various other materials to support the course will be added here.