EE252 Electronics 2


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EE-252. Electronics 2
Credits: 4
Multi-transistor amplifiers, operational amplifiers. Frequency response and the design of filters and amplifiers to meet frequency specifications. Feedback in amplifier design and oscillators. Three one-hour lectures and one three-hour lab per week.
Pre-Requisites: EE-251, EE-283, MTH-112, and PHY-202.

This course includes both lecture and lab. I will be doing the lecture and the lead laboratory. The second laboratory session will havew a different instructor, but I will be involved. The syllabus (2017) includes the laboratory exercises. Note also that there are several supporting documents included as appendices at the end of the Syllabus document. These include a discussion of impedance, a comparison of three different amplifiers using PSPICE, the design of Butterworth filters, and the schematic for the MK484 RF amplifier device. The documents listed below the syllabus commenting on Labs 2, 3, and 4 are best appreciated after performing and those exercises and submitting a report. (They are from previous offerings of this course.) Additional documents will be added on this site as needed during the Fall 2017 semester.

Laboratory Exercises and related documents

Fall 2018
  • Syllabus, lab Exercises and Appendices Fall 2018
  • PSPICE Tutorial
  • MOSFETs in PSpice
  • PSPice graph editing
  • Fall 2017
  • Syllabus and Lab Exercises, 2017
  • ORCAD/PSpice Tutorial
  • Modeling MOSFETs in PSpice
  • Comments on Labs 2,3 submissions
  • Comments on Lab 4 submissions