EE283 Electrical Measurement Lab


Catalog description

EE283. Electrical Measurement Lab
Credits: 1
A laboratory for the development of measurement techniques and use of electrical instruments for the measurement of various electrical quantities. One two-hour lab per week.
Co-Requisite: EE-211

This course is the lab that normally goes with the EE211 circuits course. I expect to teach two (C, D) of the six sections for the Fall 2019 semester. This web page will be used for providing common resources for students in the class. Mr. Bill Schlosser is the lead instructor, instructor for section B, and author of the 2019 syllabus and the laboratory exercises. Dr. Sha is the instructor for sections G, F, and I.

Materials for 2019 (and earlier) include A PSpice tutorial was developed which may prove helpful. (This may need revision later for the most recent ORCAD/PSpice version. It was done under Windows 7, and now the SLC193 lab uses Windows 10.) You should be able to obtain a free limited/student version of the current edition for your own computer. The debugging guide is likely to be helpful for the two digital projects. The Engineering Laboratory Reports Manual will also be useful, especially the material on preparing graphs and schematics. Not all of the materials from 2018 and 2019 were posted here.

All sections of EE283 are expected to follow, more or less, this same syllabus, and use these same laboratory exercises. The instuctors will coordinate to make policies and grading as consistent as possible across all sections.

The earlier exercise descriptions include the two digital projects from 2017 (#3, #7), one each for combinational logic (a 7 segment decoder) and one for sequential logic (a 3 digit counter). Both were revisions of what had been done in earlier offerings in this course. Those were not included in the 2018 or 2019 offerings.

Syllabus and Laboratory Exercises (to date)

Fall 2019 Materials:
  • EE283 Syllabus Fall 2019
  • Lab 1: Resistance measurements
  • Lab 2: VOM, DMM Meter Impedances
               Comments on Lab 2
  • Lab 3: KVL, KCL, Node Analysis
  • Lab 4: Superposition, Thevenin, Norton
  • Lab 5: RL and RC Circuits
  • Lab 6: AC RLC Node Analysis
  • Lab 7: Operational Amplifiers
  • Lab 8: Active Filters
  • Lab 9: RLC Bandpass Filter
  • Lab 10: Digital Logic
  • (Lab 11 is part of Lab 10; the exercise is two weeks.)
  • Lab 12: Transformers, Diodes, Filters

  • Sample Final Practical Exam
  • PSPICE Tutorial
  • PSPICE Graph Editing
  • Digital SSI debugging guide
  • Engineering laboratory reports Manual
  • Fall 2018 Materials:
  • EE283 Syllabus Fall 2018
  • Lab 1: Resistance Measurements
  • Lab 2: DMM and VOM Impeadances, Maximum Power Transfer
  • Lab 3: KVL and KCL Measurements, Node Analysis
  • Lab 4: Superposition, Thevenin, Norton
  • Practical Exam #1 (DC) from 2015
  • Solutions to above lab exam

  • PSPICE Tutorial
  • PSPICE Graph Editing
  • Lab Equipment Tutorial
  • Fall 2017 materials:
  • EE283 Syllabus Fall 2017
  • Lab 1: Introduction
  • Lab 2: DC Circuits Analysis
  • Lab 3: Combinational Logic Project
  • Lab 4: AC Components: R,C,L (revised)
  • Lab 5: AC Resonance, Filter
  • Lab 6: AC Circuit Analysis (Kirchoff)
  • Lab 7: Sequential Logic (counter)
  •  Lab 7 supplement (in-lab)
  • Lab 8: Transformers, Diodes, Power supplies
  • Lab 9: Op amps, feedback

  • Lab Equipment Tutorial
  • Digital SSI debugging guide
  • PSpice tutorial(1.5MB)
  • Engineering laboratory reports Manual