EGR222 Mechatronics (Lab sections L2, L5)


Catalog description

EGR-222. Mechatronics
Credits: 3
Introduction to mechatronics system design with emphasis on using sensors to convert engineering system information into an electrical domain, signal conditioning and hardware integration, programming, and using actuators to effect system changes. Two one-hour lecture and one three-hour lab per week.
Pre-Requisites:EE-211, EE-283, EGR-140 and PHY-202

Syllabus and Laboratory Exercises

This will be the supplemental class web site for labs sections (L2, L5) for the Spring 2019 offering, EE version, of EGR222 Mechatronics. Various documents may be posted here, including some and supplemental descriptions, tutorials, and help. This is meant to be used in conjunction with other course documents available through D2L.

Note that the lab sequence for section L2 (in SLC238, January 16,23) will be that we will do the second Lab session (LVDT/Position sensing) before doing the first Lab session (Temperature). Together these two exercises constitute "Lab 1". This is due to the equipment not being available in both labs SLC125 and SLC238 simultaneoously. Lab section L5 will do these in the normal sequence, temperature first.

  • Syllabus for EGR222 B, L2, L5
  • Laboratory Exercise #1 Temperature sensing: The lab exercise instructions
  • Type K thermocouple data: This is needed for the thermocouple calculations in Lab 1.
  • Laboratory Exercise #1 Position sensing (LVDT)
  • Materials from the 2018 offering:

  • Lab #1 supplemental information: Since the lab precedes the first lecture for the class, this gives additional background which will help students understand what they will be doing in the lab.
  • Microcontroller labs for later in the course: These will be put out in a more updated form, but it may be of interest to see what is coming. (If you find this stuff interesting, also check out the Computer Engineering courses EE247, EE241, EE342, and EE345.)

  • Lab #7 (earlier version): The Microcontroller Introduction. This is a placeholder, which shows what we expect to be doing when we get to microcontrollers.
  • Lab #11 (earlier version):The Stepper Motor lab - very simple control of a stepper motor.
  • Lab #11 supplement: How to do the stepper motor using interrupts instead of busywait timing loops.
  • Lab #12 (earlier version): The digital PM DC motor speed control lab: We use speed sensing and feedback to control the speed of a small DC motor.
  • Lab #12 supplement: An enhancement of Lab 12 using interrupts.
  • Microcontroller reference materials:

  • Reference document for the MC9S08QG8 microcontroller
  • Starting a CW10 project: A short step-by-step help document. (The CD's with the microcontrollers have sample CW6 code, but it doesn't work right on Windows 7 or later. This may help.)
  • An introduction to C: A very basic introduction to C using Microsoft Visual Studio (which is on the engineering computers). This was originally written for EGR140.

  • Engineering laboratory Reports Manual: This is the reference to be used when preparing laboratory reports, especially formal reports.