Football Organization of Louisa


The Football Organization of Louisa (FOOL) was an eight team league which played a 10 game schedule, very recently expanded to nine teams still with 10 games each. The game is not tied to the NFL or other leagues; it is not "fantasy" as usually understood. Instead, the teams are made up of players who are drafted from each year's stock of new players. Each team then conducts training camp, plays two to four preseason games, then the regular season. The playoffs include division championship games and an overall championship game. Standings dictate the draft order for the following season, and so league play continued for what is currently 11 seasons. (The league began with four teams and expanded twice to six and then eight teams. Expansion to nine just happened.)

Commissioner: Charles R. Gilmer
Chair of Rules Committee: John B. Gilmer Jr.
Chief Statistician: Robert D. Gross

Season XII Has Begun!

The league welcomes the Cerulean Centaurs. The addition of a ninth team has resulted in a reorganization into three divisions of three teams. Each team will play others in the division twice, and each team in the other divisions once. The playoffs will feature division winners and one wild card team. The divisions and teams are:

Capitol Division: Black Bandits, Gold Rush, Jade Invaders
Central Division: Maroon Dragoons, Violet Storm, Cerulean Centaurs
Century Division: White knights, Chartreuse falcons, Electrum Phantasms

The Schedule, other information now available:

Below: Some Season XII Draft, Training camp materials

Past Seasons

Season XI is done. Championship Game featured the Violet Storm (representing the Century Division) and Black Bandits (representing the Capitol Division). Black won 27-16 after running up an initial 24-0 lead early in 2Q then holding off Violet's comeback. See scores etc. above for further details.
Season XI Schedule, Scores, Standings, Stats
Season XI Schedule, Scores, and Standings

Seasons I, II, III, and IV- from the Archives

As we get things digitized (in this case just scans), material from past seasons will be added. Here are the very first four seasons of FOOL play!:
FOOL Season I Scores, Game Statistics
FOOL Season II Scores, Game Statistics
FOOL Season III Scores, Game Statistics
FOOL Season IV Scores, Game Statistics

Even older: There was an earlier league, the Unknown Football League (UFL) which pioneered the rules currently being used for FOOL play. That league started in the 1970s with four teams, eventually expanded to eight. The UFL played through eight seasons. Here is a UFL Update from late in the leagues history: UFL Newsletter

Rules (yeah, it's a big file) as .pdf:

FOOL rules (Season XI, draft 4)(11.2MB)

This same edition of the rules will be the basis of play for Season XII as well, though some changes are still being considered by the Rules Committee.

Rules by individual chapter (draft 5) as .pdf's:

Table of Contents and Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Components - Field, Players,..
Chapter 3: Sequence of Play
Chapter 4: Running Plays
Chapter 5: Passing Plays
Chapter 6: Special Events
Chapter 7: Players
Chapter 8: Play of the Game
Chapter 9: Special Teams
Chapter 10: Play by Mail
Chapter 11: The Season
Chapter 12: League Operations
Appendix A,B: Tables (Except special teams)
Appendix C: Examples of Play
Appendix D: Discussion of rules changes
Appendix E: Example game- Violet at Maroon, Season XI, game 8:
Appendix G: End-Of-Field conditions discussion

FOOL Business

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