Football Organization of Louisa, Season XII


Season XII has begun. The preseason games are completed. Final cuts were made to the regular season rosters of 52 players, and then the season is currently winding up week 2. This page will be updated as results become available.

The new division structure needed with the Cerulean centaurs joining has resulted in some interesting oddities. Currently the Capitol Division teams are 3-2, Central Division is 0-4 (with one game within the division to be played, so they will be 1-5), and Century Division at 5-0.

Season XII Schedule, Scores, and Standings
Season XII Scores and game stats

Season XII Rosters:

For now, some of these rosters still reflect preseason in some cases. Others show regular season rosters. The most recent rosters will be posted, but may not be kept up with regularity.