The Great Pacific War 1931


In 1925 Hector Bywater wrote a book about a then-future war between the United States and Japan. It in some way foreshadows the Pacific War 16 years later, and in other ways fails to anticipate important developments. It remains an interesting exercise, and was of great interest to me when I young (late 60's, early '70's). I developed this game, which included several innovations that were (to my mind) improvements over the then-standard for ship gun conmbat, Avalon Hill's Jutland. In particular, the large ship markers were grouped side-by-side in large hexagons, representing a squadron in column or line of bearing, allowing scale to be more managable for a tabletop. The large markers allowed the use of small information markers without hiding critical ship information. The gunfire tables included both armor penetration and damage effects with one roll, including greater chances of vital penetrating hits at longer ranges. The ship movement schedule anticipates the more advanced method used in the Escape from Jutland game.

The files below are an incomplete compilation of game materials. The strategic / operational board and rules are not here yet. Maybe later.